the heart’s filthy lesson

The Heart’s Filthy Lesson is a video installation consisting of episodes simulating the physiological structure of the human heart. the project moves between metaphorical and documentary, dealing with a ‘heartbreak’. The intertwined chapters "pulse" together, reflecting technological progress, mechanisms of power and control (medical, economic, security, etc.), alongside a personal-intimate experience.
A young woman seated providing testimony. It seems she is describing a breakup, some unrequited love, but as her story unfolds it becomes evident it is about a remote-controlled takeover. It turns out this woman’s pacemaker was hacked using wireless networks. As she attests to what happened, occasionally the screen splits; allowing us to continue watching her as we see the IT control room and server farm (footage taken in Stock Exchange).
The medical name for broken heart syndrome, manifested by a temporary but significant myocardial weakness is Takotsubo cardiomyopathy cardiomyopathy. The syndrome was first described in 1990 in Japan, and given to it by heart shape during this affluence, which seems to be a traditional pitcher used to capture octopuses. 

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film stills